Escape Plan: The Adventure Begins

Escape Plan is an ingenious London escape room set against the fascinating backdrop of World War II. Against the clock, you and your band of comrades have one hour to gather intelligence, find and solve clues and use your critical thinking and teamwork to make a bid for freedom.

We’ve brought the Second World War to Kennington with our inaugural game ‘ The Adventure Begins’. Set in the barracks of a P.O.W camp, you and your comrades quickly discover the legend of Bob Hails – the only prisoner to have successfully escaped the barracks. And what’s more he’s left you his journal to help you and your team evade the enemy and make your own great escape. But do you have what it takes to earn your freedom? Try out Escape Plan, London’s thrilling WWII escape the room experience!

Who’s it for?


Team Building

Once the countdown starts, it's all about collaboration and communication. Leave the office behind as we transport you back to 1945...


Hanging out with Friends and the Fam

If your mates are busy then bring the family! Either way, you'll have a laugh and maybe you'll finally identify who the weakest link really is!



Birthdays, Stag and Hen do's, Reunions...or maybe it's just Friday - we're always looking for reasons to celebrate!


Just Visiting / Tourists

Okay, let's face it, London has got some pretty awesome sites to see but if you're looking for something uncommon and upbeat to do, Escape Plan is the challenge for you!


Double Date?

In all seriousness, you could be responsible for pretty much the coolest date night. Ever.


School's Out!

If you're looking for a way to keep your teens entertained, then we'd love to help you create a memorable and exciting experience for them. You'll need one adult participant per game or come and play as a family!

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Stay Tuned

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