Tabletop Adventures with Escape Plan

In 2020, we founded Escape Plan Board Games. We’re an eco-conscious publisher who love to create entertaining experiences. So far, we have successfully kickstarted two semi-cooperative social deduction games – Stop the Train! and Hit the Silk! You can read a little about those below. We have more games in development. Do follow us on Instagram for the latest. 


Crash landed on a jungle island filled with mystery, peril and hidden treasure; tormented by natural disasters and hunted by DINOSAURS! Will you make it out in one piece?
Our upcoming Kickstarter is a push-your-luck, semi cooperative adventure and you can get notified of launch by signing up here. Don’t miss it!


It was always going to be a daring heist. Everything was going to plan until the pilot seized a gun from the lockbox, opened the emergency door and fired three rounds into the engine before bailing with his parachute and a spare!
You need to secure the loot but now you’re a parachute down on a plane that’s losing altitude. Fast. Who can you trust? Who’s got the cash? Where are the ‘chutes? Can you hold your nerve before you Hit the Silk!?

Sample cards from the game



It’s late November, 1942.
The 19:05 to Paris is armed with a bomb and hurtling towards its destination threatening civilian destruction. On board, the passengers include a Resistance Conspirator, an Mi6 agent and a Prisoner of War on the run. To avert disaster, they have only one hope: an emergency meeting to identify the Saboteur of this runaway train, throw him off and Stop the Train!

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